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Digestive Issues

I give Anamika my highest recommendation!  She helped me through 2 years of recovery from gastrointestinal damage and I am so grateful for her help.  


Her generosity with her time, patience with my questions, and steadfast belief in my body’s resilience was exactly what I needed and what I had been unable to find anywhere else.  Her questions were thorough and she took detailed notes.  She allowed me time to ask any questions and was available by phone and email between appointments.  Her gentle, caring manner made me feel at ease in our conversations.   


She treated me as a whole person, drawing connections between my physical and mental states and addressing acute problems as they arose throughout my recovery.  The time that she put in to learn about me and gain a full understanding of my condition really helped me to trust her suggestions and feel supported throughout my recovery.  I have since moved from the Bay area and just wish I could have taken her with me!

-Julia Cosgrove

eczema / general


I sought out homeopathy with Anamika in February 2017 due to an eczema condition on my hands that started in early 2015 and was not resolving.


The condition had recently worsened by spreading from the palm of one hand to the front and back of both hands. My hands were itchy, red, irritated, cracking in places and also blistering. To a much milder degree, some itching & blistering had started to show up on other areas of my body like my legs and arms and neck. I was very concerned that it would continue to spread and match the level of severity on my hands and that this would significantly negatively impact the quality of my life. I was already waking up in the middle of the night itching furiously at my hands to provide some relief. Emotionally I felt angst, considerable frustration, and distress about what I was experiencing.


When I began the homeopathic treatment, I experienced an initial period lasting a couple weeks where things seemed to slightly worsen although I felt better emotionally—more hopeful—like I was somehow on the right track.  The eczema then cleared up about 30% within a couple days following this initial phase.


Emotions, memories, feeling states and “old stories” were arising and it felt like they were arising to pass away, like my whole system was doing an internal reorganization or housecleaning of sorts. Within 6-7 months of getting homeopathic treatment monthly on average, the eczema cleared up by about 75-80%. And now, after about 10 months, I would say the eczema is 95% resolved. I trust that it will continue to resolve to completion. Overall the process has felt subtle and gentle yet profound. My skin is re-softening and overall my whole system is less reactive and less prone to dryness. Gradually I have come to feel more clear, grounded, trusting, content and calm. I am so grateful!

-Alexis Lyon, Therapist - Oakland CA


I don’t know how many times I caught myself thinking: “Thank God for Anamika!”. Since I started treatment with her, in December 2008, she has helped me balance myself and recover my health. I was so satisfied with the treatment that six months later, I started taking my son to her. And that was the best decision I’ve ever made.


My little one is a preschooler, so he is exposed to all kinds of virus, all the time. I can clearly see the effectiveness of homeopathic with him. While his friends get sick and miss a week of class, my son either do not get sick or recovers within two days. Twice this year, he got a stomach flu. He would be vomiting, with diarrhea, but as soon as I would give him homeopathy, he would start improving immediately.


If I had to use one word to describe Anamika, it would be reliable! She is a very knowledgeable and caring person. I always leave her office feeling better than I was when I came in. I was emotionally and physically unbalanced when I first came to her. Throughout the treatment, I recovered my health and became myself again.


I cannot thank Anamika enough for all she has done for me and my family. If you have any doubts about the effectiveness of homeopathic treatment, try it yourself. You will be pleasantly surprised with the results!

- Samantha Fraguas, Benicia, CA

Headaches/Migraines, Pain, Fatigue, Menstrual Pain

headache, pain, fatigue, menses


I woke up with a headache one day, almost two months before my 15th birthday. The headache emerged overnight, and it bothered me all day. By the second week, I was beginning to grow more symptoms: I felt exhausted and suffered from very sharp pain in my ear, as well as a slight stomachache, so I went to a doctor to see what was wrong. 

For more than 5 years, I had this headache. The nature of the headache would change throughout the day, turning from a splitting headache to a dull one, to a throbbing one, to a stabbing one. Sometimes it felt as if an axe were slamming my head open. I was chronically exhausted, could barely walk through my house, had very poor balance and coordination, suffered from earaches and sharp stomachaches beneath my ribs, from great sensitivity to sound, from nausea, from dizziness, from vertigo, from heart palpitations and chest pains, from breathlessness.  Periods (menses) left me practically comatose. For years, I was bedridden.


I saw numerous doctors — neurologists, neurosurgeons, endocrinologists — had 4 MRIs, CT scans, and many blood tests. They tested every medication they could on me, none which worked, some which just made me sleep for 16 hours and I'd still wake up in pain. Nothing made the headache decrease in intensity, not even slightly; it was always at a level 6-7 in pain, sometimes increasing to 9 on bad days. No medication reduced the pain by even a point, but one drug did start giving me seizures. The doctors didn't know what was wrong, and they didn't care to find out either; prescribing me drugs seemed to be their main concern.

After 5 years of this, and seeing 22 doctors, in my complete desperation, I searched online for an alternative medicine doctor, and found Anamika. She was really my last hope. If her treatment didn't work, I planned to go to India and test my luck with Ayurveda.

Seeing Anamika was the best decision I ever made.

The first consultation was about 2 hours long, which was something positive in my book, since I was sick and tired (so to speak) of seeing doctors for 15 minutes only to be diagnosed as a "Mystery Child." I wanted someone to actually examine me and listen and search for what was wrong. Anamika listened very attentively and took gigantic notes. She asked all sorts of questions, from the typical (what is the nature of the pain, the intensity, the location, the additional symptoms) to the more atypical (during what season of the year did I become sick, what happened a few months prior to the illness, what kind of weather aggravates my symptoms, whether the severity of the pain changes according to the time of day, what are my dreams or nightmares like, etc.) She asks everything, because she says all symptoms — physical and emotional — are tied together and are relevant for a precise diagnosis.

Within 3 months of following her instructions, I began to see the headache and stomachaches actually decrease in intensity for the first time ever. Every month, my symptoms improved a little more. My headache, stomachaches, exhaustion, dizziness, nausea, and seizures all began to go down. About 6 months after the first consultation, I felt well enough to do vigorous exercise, and I could do it without my symptoms intensifying. About 11 months after the first consultation, the headache and stomaches and exhaustion officially disappeared.

Strangely, I then started having to deal with emotional symptoms, but Anamika was extremely supportive and encouraging through that emotionally trying time. She told me it was a normal part of the process, and that those symptoms meant I was actually officially getting better and going back to normal. I dealt with these emotional symptoms for a month, and then had lousy days very occasionally for 2—3 months, before those symptoms too started going away. Anamika spaced our appointments more and more, after indicating that I was officially recuperating and didn't need to see her as often.

It's now almost been two years since my first appointment with Anamika, and I can say with full confidence that I am finally officially cured. :D For over 1 year now, I have had no headaches, no stomachaches, no exhaustion, no dizziness, no nausea, no vertigo, no anything. My last emotional symptoms disappeared 8 months ago. I even have very slight period pain now, after she treated that as well once I complained about the intensity of my menstrual pain, and I can now continue with my routine even on the first day of my period. I am as active as I like, go to school regularly, volunteer, travel, and no longer mold my life around my body. My life has changed so much, in every positive way. This has been the best year I've had in a long, long time; my head and my body feel light again, and I'm as cheerful as I was before I became sick, and I am ecstatic and so grateful that I met Anamika and chose to see her those two years ago. It really was the best decision I made. I can never repay her for what she's done for me, in restoring my health and bringing my life back to where it's supposed to be.


~ B. Rogowski - Student UC Berkeley


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