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  • Rebekah Moan

Post-Menopausal and Feeling Safe at Whole Healing with Homeopathy

When K.M. transitioned out of menopause, she started spotting. It concerned her because as postmenopausal women, spotting is unusual and can indicate a serious problem. And it was. Doctors diagnosed K.M. with Stage 1 uterine cancer and recommended a hysterectomy, which she decided to receive.

“I'm a sensitive person and I've never really liked allopathic medicines, but I use it when needed,” K.M. said. K.M's sensitivity spurred her to seek out homeopathic care from Whole Healing in Berkeley, CA, starting in 2017, while at the same time continuing traditional allopathic care. K.M. said homeopathy helped her relax before surgery and afterwards the remedy reduced her bruising as well as pain. On top of that, the remedies that Whole Healing's owner Anamika Stoller gave her helped balance K.M's hormones, which is a big concern for hysterectomy patients.

In addition to supporting K.M's health with regard to her surgery, homeopathy has helped her in other ways as well. When K.M. was younger, she contracted meningitis. In the following years whenever she felt stressed, she would break out with shingles. Occasionally, she felt nerve pain as well, but now she doesn't have any of those reactions. Another physical symptom that occurred as a result of meningitis was K.M's right ear used to build up with fluid.

“I would get ear infections because my eustachian tube was compromised,” she said. “I don't even have that anymore. If I feel something happening in my right ear, I know something is going off track.”

What she means is she recognizes emotions are also connected to physical symptoms, that her body doesn't exist in a vacuum. If she's not tending to her mental and emotional needs, something will show up in her body, for instance her right ear. Homeopathy is a form of healing that takes into account the entire person, which includes their emotional health.

“I'm a psychotherapist and I really believe in homeopathy for working on the emotional body,” she said. K.M's mother passed away a few years ago and homeopathy from Whole Healing helped in her grief and offered her emotional support. In addition, homeopathy changed K.M's emotional landscape.

My Ear. Photo by Hayes Potter on Unsplash.

“I have always been sensitive. I wanted to be a veterinarian when I was young as I have lots of empathy towards animals,” she said. “If I saw any wounded animal on the roadside, I would burst into tears.”

However, now she volunteers at an animal shelter. “That's big,” she said. “I never used to be able to walk into an animal shelter.”

K.M. currently sees Anamika once every six weeks as part of her self-care routine. In large part that's due to Anamika herself: “She's intuitive, kind, compassionate and really knows how to listen,” K.M. said. “She makes you feel safe and I'm confident of her abilities.”


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